46115 Scots Guardsman races across Dandry Mire Viaduct at Garsdale Head, in 2014

I love this location, on the Settle and Carlisle Railway, close to Garsdale Station. Even though it is next to the Sedbergh road, there is a real remote feel to the location. Northbound steam-hauled trains are still working hard here, 3 miles or so short of Ais Gill summit. The black and white scene could date from the 1950’s, rather than 60 years later.

About Railways Podcasts

Hello, I’m Jeff Chambers, and though I’ve spent 50 years in engineering (mainly of the electronics variety, and still ongoing), I’ve always had a love for railways.

Railway Podcasts seem few and far between, so I thought it would be fun to try to put a few together, told from my own unique perspective!

Who knows, perhaps there’s a Heritage Railway, or other organisation out there who might like to work together on an audio project?

How cool would that be?

Have a listen to my first effort, ‘My Brief Encounter with Carnforth Station’, a reflection on and wander about the station, with a little homage to the famous film along the way.

A scene at the south end of Carnforth Station, with all the modern paraphernalia of electrification and signaling visible. A Pendolino hurtles northwards, glinting in a low winter sun.

It’s not all going to be nostalgia though, there’s lots of interest in the modern railway scene, not least in the world of railway re-openings. What a fascinating combination they provide, of local interest and benefit, played against a background of politics!